Maintaining Cheap Car Insurance Rates

Maybe by luck or careful driving and planning you manage to bring your premium down. Now you know how much you can save if you could qualify for the discounts. It is natural that you would worry about losing your low rates. As you probably know you need to keep getting those discounts if you want to keep great prices.

In order to understand what you need to do you have to understand how you got them in the first place. There are several factors that affect rates the most. Below we will have a look at them and talk about what needs to be done from here onward.

Clean Claims History

Being able to tick the box that says “no claim” can qualify you up to thirty percent discounts. You need to keep it that way from here. Essentially, you need to be a careful driver to stay away from accidents. Many motorists choose to ignore small damages to their automobiles for the sake of keeping clean driving history.

Furthermore, you need to make sure that no other damages come to your vehicle. These could come from theft, fire, vandalism and natural accidents like falling bricks. If you have a secure car you are half way there. In addition you can mind where you park it and where you go. If you are living in a rough area there is high chance someone will vandalize it.

Avoid Traffic Violation Tickets

Minor tickets may not be a big problem for a driver who otherwise has a great record. But speeding tickets and other discretions can land you in trouble and push you over to the zone of high risk drivers. You need to follow the traffic laws on the land.

Companies regularly check if you have had a recent ticket and they can do this by looking at your DMV records. One thing you must at all costs avoid is to drink and drive. Your coverage can be dropped with immediate effect as soon as the carrier finds out about it. In addition it would be harder to get affordable premiums from other companies.

Look after Your Finances

Some people may suffer as a result of recent job loss and see their finance is crumbling. In a short sequence, that will start affecting credit history. Companies care a lot about credit history these days and you may be charged about twenty percent more with poor credit.

Be prepared for the rainy days by saving a little money on the side. Generally, it is advised that you should put aside enough cash to cover at least three months of your living expenses. This will allow you to function as normal until you find another job.

Stay with Safe and Secure Automobiles

happy policyholderAlong with your personal details, specification of your automobile is taken into account when premiums are set. Suddenly, if you decide to buy a sports car or one that lacks safety features and easy to steal you will need to give back some of the savings you have been enjoying.

It is a good practice to get quotes and find out how much it would cost to insure a new car you are considering buying. You don’t have to own the vehicle to be able to get a quote for it.

What Happens If You Lose Some of the Savings?

If you get unlucky and have an accident for which you end up claiming, it will affect your car insurance rates for the next three years at least. So, if this happens do give up the discipline. Every year that passes without another incident you will start seeing the discounts again.

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