How to Avoid Vacation Traffic Jams

Getting stuck on the road is always an unpleasant experience and we face them every day particularly in big cities. However, we don’t want traffic eat away few vacation days we have. Every holiday time there is this rush of people trying to leave cities and get on the few main highways that we should have a plan to avoid them already.

Afternoon congestion in the cities the day before a big holiday or a return traffic after it is now classic. We all know them and somehow end up getting stuck in them. A few simple tricks can help us a lot in that sense and we will discuss them below.

family holidayLeave Early If You Can Find a Way in Your Schedule

We all work harder to finish tasks in hand so that we can relax during our break. And companies are getting a lot more flexible with their working hours. Talk to your boss and ask if you could leave the day before if you can make up the time days leading to it. You offer to come earlier and leave later a few days so that they don’t lose out and work gets done.

If you can leave only couple of hours earlier than everyone else you would make your way out before roads get congested. So, make everything and everybody ready to get out in a short notice if you have to. Generally, getting out of big cities is the problem and you want to be smarter than everyone else who leave an hour or two earlier anyway.

Plan your Journey Ahead and Look for Alternative Routes

If you are hitting the big cities on your route around the rush hour every time you are doing something wrong. You need to identify the bottlenecks on your route and make sure you pass them as quickly and smoothly as possible. Calculate the distances and work out your route accordingly. Also, make sure to book overnight stays on your trip in advance. During holidays those places can fill up pretty quickly.

There are many online tools, maps and you have the GPS in the car. But nothing is more effective than old fashion maps. Open them up and see how the trip is laid out and how you are going to avoid some of the problem areas. You may need to circumnavigate some areas and avoid highway where necessary. Try to think what everyone else would do and you do the opposite.

Get up early and Travel in the Morning Cool

Starting the journey late in the day is one mistake many motorists do and irritate the whole family under the summer heat. Mornings are cool and children may fall into sleep again and leave you alone to drive. If they had their full daily sleep you will have a long day with whining children in the vehicle.

Furthermore, roads will be free at early hours and you will be able to cover some distance. This would give you a lot of time to take a long break in between and enjoy other attractions. Of course you need to go to bed early as well to get up well rested.

Look into Taking a Flight and Hiring a Car

Flights and car rental are a lot cheaper these days especially when you book in advance. Normally, your auto insurance or credit card will provide coverage for the rental automobile that you won’t probably spend money to insure them separately. This will save you a lot of money as vehicle insurance coverage bought from rental companies can be very expensive.

Getting on a plane and hiring a car at your destination can be a good option even if your destination is in your driving range. This can work out a lot better when the holiday is short. Instead of spending your time on the road you may be able to get to your destination early and enjoy more.

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