10 Ways to Get Cheap Auto Insurance in the USA

It is almost a miracle to find two drivers with identical particulars, car and risk factors. Similarly, auto insurers are so much apart from each other in the way they provide protection and price their policies. Although individual circumstances determine how much you are charged to insure your automobile there are a few common ways of getting cheap automobile insurance quotes. Here are ten of those ways to help you save money.

  1. Have a Good Credit Score

We are living in such a material world that your credit score may be more important for some insurers than your driving history. While some companies offer only 10% discounts for having good driving records, they can offer up to 25% discounts for having a great credit score. They see a clear correlation between credit score and claims.

When someone is managing his/her finances well they are not likely to claim for small damages each time. People may think that why should companies worry about small claims. Those claims may not cost a lot of money to settle each time. But collectively they cost more than the larger claims costs in total. There are too many of them that the numbers soon add up to become a serious concern.

  1. affordable vehicle insuranceBe a Good Driver

Good drivers don’t get traffic tickets or claim every so often. They are careful on the roads to avoid breaking traffic laws and getting involved in an accident. They take it seriously enough to pay attention all the time. They hold the highest value in the eyes of vehicle insurers and it is no surprise that they would get the best car insurance rates.

On the other hand, many motorists with bad driving history will be refused quote or demanded high premiums. Companies don’t mind offering great rates when the risks are low. But they don’t want to take a chance with someone who has demonstrated unacceptable behaviors behind the steering wheel. It really is hard to blame them for being choosy especially when they are struggling to increase the rates due to competition.

  1. Make Sure to Get Membership Discounts

Membership discounts are the easiest way of saving money on vehicle insurance. If you are a member of an association or organization that qualifies members for lower premiums you don’t need any other qualification requirements. One of the easiest discounts is offered to AAA members. Many companies recognize this breakdown membership and offer around 10% savings. Many other associations are recognized by some companies as well and members get discounts.

  1. Avoid Payment Credit Fees

When you want to spread your premiums you are asking credit from the insurer. They are usually happy to oblige but charge a fee for extending credit facility to you. As a result you will end up paying more money to insure your automobile. This is against your wishes of wanting cheap auto insurance prices and therefore should be avoided.

  1. Bundle Policies

This could work in several ways. Most common one is to bundle home and auto insurance. Companies are keen to upsell their existing customers. They want to get in before other insurers and tie all your insurance needs with them. They usually offer discounts when you buy another policy from the same company. They can offer discounts when another member of your family buys a policy from your insurer as well. For example, they can extend some of the discounts parents enjoy to a teenage son/daughter.

  1. Buy Multi-car Policies

Buying one policy for all your cars is easier than bundling. It could save you money as well as offering you obvious administrative benefits. This could work well when you want to insure a classic car alongside your everyday automobile. It is obvious that one will be left at home while you are driving the other. Hence you should get good discounts.

  1. Take a Safe Driving Course

Most states allow around 10% discounts for drivers over the age of 50 years old when they complete a safe driver course. Few states have lower age limits. However, younger drivers can take advance driving courses to qualify for discounts. Some companies may offer discounts if you complete their own online drving courses, too.

  1. Avoid Auto Modifications

Modifying your auto can make it less attractive to insure. Companies generally don’t like cars that are not as they are built anymore. They probably trust manufacturers but don’t trust the body shops that do modifications. Check with the company before spending a lot of money changing the vehicle the way you want to avoid disappointments and additional costs.

  1. Avoid Policy Customizations

Generally, companies work hard to prepare policy packages that will meet the needs of large numbers of motorists. They can sell them at reasonable prices because of large numbers of sales. It makes their life easier. When you start making changes to a standard policy you can pay a lot more premium. Instead, you should try to find a better standard policy that meets your needs.

10. Don’t Automatically Renew

Always get alternative quotes before renewing your policy. Many surveys show that policyholders who keep renewing without questioning their terms and prices are likely to lose out on the savings. You may need to switch car insurers to save money. When it is worth doing so you should not worry about making the change. The process is fairly easy and your new insurer may be as good as the old one or even better.

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