10 Safe Driving Tips for Teenagers

You don’t become a safe driver because you passed the driving test. It is only the beginning and there are a lot more to learn. Either you could observe the rules and laws and keep improving your skills or be part of the accident statistics. Here are a few tips for teen drivers and parents to go over with them. Let’s reduce accidents and worrying number of teenage deaths.

  1. Never ever drive without seat belts and make sure that your passengers do the same. Did you know that someone at the backseat without a seat belt may cause serious injuries to the people on the front seat in cases of full frontal crashes? Everyone in the vehicle must wear seat belts.
  2. Don’t even think of texting or answering your cell when you are behind the steering wheel. Just a quick glance can turn into reading the text and next thing you are writing one as well. Teens are more daring and that is one of the reasons for accidents. You have nothing to prove and if you are going to prove anything you should prove how good a driver you are.
  3. Concentrate on driving and don’t engage in other activities like playing with the stereo or satellite navigation. Set them before you start or stop and re-set them.
  4. Where possible new drivers should not be driving with their young friends. They are generally very distractive. And accident statistics suggest that having other young people with a teen driver increases crash risks several time. Parents should never allow their sons or daughters who just past their driver tests to go out with their friends for a drive especially at night.
  5. Don’t attempt doing make-up, fixing your hair and eating while driving. Divided attention is not good particularly when you are a new driver.
  6. Think ahead and be prepared. You should give your signals about 100 feet before making the turn or changing the lane, and not just seconds before doing it. Also, get into appropriate lane in time and slow down.
  7. You should use legal passing lanes when you are taking over. You are not allowed to take over from the right side or hard shoulders in the highway. If you cause an accident while taking over inappropriately it will go down as your fault and you will probably receive a ticket and license point deduction.
  8. Pay extra attention to curves which most young drivers cannot handle well. There are thousands of accidents that are caused by teen who has gone into curve to fast or was taking over. You should never take over on the hills, curves and intersections.
  9. Have lane courtesy. Stay within your lane and give way to drivers wanting to go faster. Don’t sit in the middle lane after taking over and move back to the slower lane. The outer lanes are always safer for new drivers as they can get out onto shoulder quickly if there is any problem.
  10. Don’t Drink and Drive. This is not at number 10 because it is least important but because we believe you are smart enough to know this already.

Parents and teenagers should pay extra attention in the first year of driving. This is the most dangerous period of driving in your life. Also, the habits you pick up in this time may stay with you until the end of your driving days.

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