5 Ways to Get Cheaper Car Insurance for College Students

Being a student you may be the type of driver who needs the most savings but you cannot get it because you are young and inexperienced in driving. So, you need to look at other ways of saving money on auto insurance premium. And there are a few of them still available to you.

For young people the cheapest way of getting insured is probably going on the parents’ policies. This could especially be a good option when you are not taking a car to campus and only driving during the semester breaks. By communicating with the insurer clearly about how much you drive your parents may be able to get pretty good deals.

For those college students who wants to take their automobile with them and buy a separate policy here are a few ways of saving money.

Get Good Grades: You can qualify for up to fifteen percent discounts with some companies if you can achieve average B and over grade at school. Studies prove that students with better grades are less likely to cause accidents.

Take Advance Driving Courses: Many companies offer discounts to young drivers who passed an approved auto accident prevention courses. Car crashes is the major cause of death among young people. Furthermore, it causes serious loss concern for insurers and they like to encourage youngsters to take these courses by offering discounts.

Buy the Right Car: You can save substantial amount of money by going for the right type of automobile at your early driving years. You should go for safe family type sedans and definitely avoid sports and SUV type vehicles. You may also want to consider buying a used car at much cheaper cost and insure it only for liabilities.

Increase Deductibles: You may be able to bring down costs by making slight adjustments to your policy. Raising deductibles usually lower premiums but this may be more visible when you are a young driver with high automobile insurance costs. However, if you make claims you will have to spend more out of your pocket.

Save by Protecting Your Auto and Yourself: Safer automobiles with latest airbag and seat belt technology may be all you need to save money. Anti-theft devices help in getting lower quotes as well. Further discounts can be achieved by parking your car in a private garage or parking lot.

Discounts heavily depend on your state and the insurer. Some states would not allow certain discounts while others encourage them. And some companies would not be interested in insuring a teenager no matter how good a driver they are and always quote high rates. Quite a few companies like to get in on the ground level with the young drivers as they will be insuring cars for years.

Therefore, you should get a few vehicle insurance quotes and see which companies are happy to insure you. Some companies may offer special discounts for students who live in the campus as well. You should check a few companies that advertise to be specialist for students as well as checking a few traditional providers.

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